Thursday, 8 December 2011

Camp Reflection

Red Hat : I wonderd about what would happen at borland lodge.
Yellow hat: The positive thing about camp were the activities we done.
Black Hat:The bad thing about camp were the annoying sand flies.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

What I Have Learnt?

This week learnt where my camp will be on the map. I am going to Borlen Lodge for my year 6 camp, it is going to be so much fun.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why Real Webb Ellis Cup should come to Invercargill

I strongly believe that the real Webb Ellis cup should come to Invercargill.

Firstly the Webb Ellis cup should come to Invercargill so we can have a parade and celibrate on winning the world cup.

Secondly, the All Black's should bring the cup to Southland because mostly everyone in Southland likes rugby union. It just would not be fair if they didn't.

Southland also has some very strong rugby players like Jamie Mackntosh, Jason Rutledge, robbie robbinson and Martie Mckenzie. We also have a current All Black Witch is Jimmy Cowan and five former All Black's that I know of who are Justin Marshal, Mills Muliaina, Clark Dermoty, Lester Rutledge and Cory Flyn. So Southland is a very strong rugby province.

Everyone in my class wants the cup to come to Invercargill including Miss Mckenzie.

Also if the real Webb Ellis cup comes to Invercargill in a ticka-tape parade, the All Black's could come on top of different trucks. You would also get to see all the All Black's and you might even see a smile on Graham henry's face! Witch is very very rare.

So in conclusion, that's why The All Black's should bring the real Webb Ellis cup to Invercargill, because we are part of N.Z and Invercargill is filled with rugby fans, just like the rest of the towns and city in the country.

By Travis

What I have learnt?

this week i have learnt how to perswade people with my writing by putting I strongly believe and things like firstly, secondly and in conclusion. It is a very good stratigy to get them on your side.

Pet Day

On Monday the Myross Bush pet day was held.
Pet day is an event that is held kind of in the middle of the tour of Southland.
Pet day is when every student in the school is allowed to bring thier pet to school and you have fancy dress
parades, judging, food & drinks, the bouncy castle,
tractor rides and also prize giving. it is really fun.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Our Inquiary

For the seniors at Myross Bush School our inquiary is arts. Witch is dance, music, drama and visual arts witch is drawind and that stuff. I am going to do drama. We will be doing the thing we want to do for six weeks. After that six weeks you will know alot more about that piticular thing you chose.

The Classic, Classy and colourful Classrooms

This year at Myross Bush School all the classrooms got redone in mid term 3. All of the class rooms exept for one, witch is my classroom room 8, but we did get a new heatpump.
When the classrooms were getting redone the children had nowhere to learn. So they shifted all thier classroom stuff and moved to the hall.
Mr Herring thinks that they are awesome and fantastic and they have alot more room because the builders took the shelves away. Liam thinks that they are bright and creative. They are pretty cool
but the photos speak for themselves